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All movies of the 10th Dortmund International Film Festival


A Way of Life
Amma Asante, GB 2004, 91’, Feature Film
Leigh-Anne is tough and purposeful, necessary qualities for a girl who became a single mother while still in her teens. Life is a constant struggle to get by – to pay the electricity bill, to deal with the welfare officers and to keep the hostile father of her infant daughter at arm’s length.
Fr April 15th, 11.00 pm, Schauburg


The Affairs of Anatol
Cecil B. De Mille, USA 1921, 117’, Silent Movie
Anatol De Witt Spencer is a good-looking and charming man. But it is another quality that has a particular effect on women – his wealth. In his honeymoon with his highly attractive wife Vivian (Gloria Swanson) with whom he has already found fault: There’s just “too much honey in his honeymoon”, he reckons, and sets off in search of alternatives. This 1920s box-office hit takes us into the heady atmosphere of the upper class where everything revolves round money. Those who haven’t got it, want it, whilst women strategically deploy both body and mind to acquire it.
On the piano: Joachim Bärenz
Sa April 16th, 1.00 pm, DKH
(3.00 pm: Seminar on the movie by Dunja Briese)


Alles für den Hund
Birgit Lehmann, D 2001, 12’, Short Feature Film
Due to coincidence, three people consecutively come into money, lots of it, and at last see their dreams come true. But their happiness is short-lived. Before long, they lose their money to other people who have entered the game. Well, you win some, you lose some.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Almost Brothers
Lúcia Murat, RCH/BR/F 2004, 102’,
Feature Film Competition
The relationship between the middle classes and the slums of Rio de Janeiro, as shown by two persons who are almost brothers: Miguel and Jorge. Through the lives and attitudes of the two friends, against the backdrop of the prison system and favelas, the film mirrors the Brazillian society.
Do April 14th, 6.00 pm, Schauburg 1


Karin Karlsson, S 2004, 13’, Short Documentary
About 250 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, people are fishing on Lake Torneträsk in the Swedish part of Lapland. The temperature: minus 25 degrees Celsius. They sit in their “arks” – small movable cabins, no larger than four square metres, filled with modern equipment. They “live” in their small houses – cooking meals, ice fishing and playing bingo on TV – waiting for the big fish.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


The Ballad of Jack and Rose
Rebecca Miller, USA 2004, 111’, Feature Film Competition
1986. The good old days of love, peace and happiness are long gone, but there’s one person who has remained loyal to the ideals of yesteryear. Jack Slavin still lives on the site of the commune he once founded on an island off the east coast of the USA. The commune’s cohabitants went their separate ways long ago. Nowadays, Jack’s sixteen-year-old daughter, Rose, is the only one still living here with him. When Jack invites his girlfriend Kathleen and her two sons to live with them, the situation escalates.
Do April 14th, 9.00 pm, Schauburg 1


La Banque Nemo
Marguerite Viel, F 1934, 92’, Feature Film
The satirical comedy, centering on the world of high finance, recounts the social climb of Gustave Lebrèche from a social nobody to the most powerful banker in the city, through lies, bribery and corruption, in a world in which the end always justifies the means.
German premiere.
Sa April 16th, 6.00 pm, DKH


Be Very Quiet
Mona Nahm, T 2004, 26’, Short Feature Film
The movie tells the story about stations in the life of a young man haunted by traumatic memories. Thana is his name and, when he was a child, he witnessed the murder of his prostitute mother. As an adult he meets the murderer and decides to take revenge.
Fr, April 15th, 1.30 pm, DKH


Between Rooms
Caroline Gogez, DK 2004, 7’, Short Documentary
A girl in a sex club, between customers. Empty rooms waiting for business. Fragments from a conversation with Helle, a street prostitute. Where does your mind go when you rent your body?
Do April 14th, 8.00 pm, DKH


Big Bones – Big Business
Ekaterina Eremenko, D 2004, 59’, Documentary
Whilst workers in Sibiria dig for mammoth tusks – and for little money – the bones hit top prices on the international markets. There they are sold off to the highest bidder either to land up in museums and scientific institutes or in the private collections of wealthy American fossil collectors willing to spend a small fortune on a new bone for the living room.
Sa, April 16th, 6.00 pm, Schauburg 2


Black Magic
Ann Course, GB 2002, 2’, Experimental Film
An animation that – in a style typical for Ann Course and Paul Clark i.e. at once formally reduced and radical – links material consumption and scarcity with emotional and psychological overexertion.
Fr, April 15th, 3.30 pm, DKH


Die Börsenkönigin
(The Queen of the Stock Exchange)

Edmund Edel, D 1916, 53’, Silent Movie
Helene Netzler (Asta Nielsen), the owner of the Glückauf Copper Mine, learns that the mine is exhausted and that her own financial situation is thereby threatened. But with souveranity, and Diva-like, she solves the dramatic situation.
On the piano: Ruth Bieri
Introduction: Karola Gramann, Heide Schlüpmann (Frankfurt)
So, April 17th, 11 am, DKH


Cattle Queen of Montana
Allan Dwan, USA 1954, 88’, Feature Film
Montana in the 1880s: Sierra Nevada Jones (Barbara Stanwyck) and her father, a Montana cattleman, drive their large herd of cattle to Buffalo Valley just under the deadline for filing a preemption document. After the father has been killed by Indians at night Sierra Nevada and gun Farrell (Ronald Reagan) have to deal with the Wild West’s dangers.
So, April 17th, 20.00 Uhr, DKH


Der Chaotische Elterntausch
Ella Lemhagen, DK 2003, 91’, Youth Programme
Eleven-years-old Julia is speechless: The boy standing vis-à-vis at the airport looks exactly like her. Martin could easily be her twin brother. Immediately she sees the chance to escape the weekend at her mother’s and her new family.
Mi April 13th, 9.00 am, CineStar


Ulrike von Ribbeck, D 2004, 30’, Short Feature Film
After a long sojourn in New York, Charlotte returns to Berlin where she tries to get back into the cosy lifestyle and the group of friends she used to know. With nothing but an evening dress and five euro to her name, she hopes to somehow be able to pick up where she left off.
Mi, April 13th, 10.30 pm, DKH


Le Chat d’Appartement
Sarah Roper, F 1998, 7’, Animation
Cleo is a deliciously fat cat who lives in the apartment of a young business woman in New York. One day this apartment bound cat escapes from its boring residence and embarks on an excursion towards a distant roof-top garden paradise.
Fr April 15th, 10 pm, DKH


Chaupi Mundi
Antje Starost, D 1992, 60’, Youth Programme
The 12-year-old Elena lives at the “heart of the world”, in the Ecuadorian Andes. Ever since her mother died, Elena and her best friend, Pancha the Pig, have lived with the family of her eldest sister, Teresa. They have to get by on very little money.
Di, April 12th, 9.00 Uhr, CineStar


Circuit Marine
Isabelle Favez, CDN/F 2003, 8’, Animation
An animated maritime food chain featuring pirates, a she-cat, a goldfish and a parrot. They are all sitting in the same boat, literally, trying to eat without being eaten. Meanwhile, their ship battles against the turbulent sea.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


The Cool World
Shirley Clarke, USA 1964, 125’, Feature Film, b/w
The movie portrays the urban street life in 1960s America. Following 14-year-old Duke Curtis, an African American teen growing up in Harlem, N.Y., the viewer gets to know how important it is to own a “piece” i.e. a gun. Duke searches for a gun to own as a way to protect him against the everyday problems that surround him – problems such as drugs, pimps, prostitutes, gangs and over-zealous cops.
Do April 14th, 10 pm, DKH


The Corporation
Jennifer Abbott and Mark Achbar, CDN 2003, 145’, Documentary
A hundred and fifty years ago, the corporation was a relatively insignificant entity. Today, it is omnipresent – the corporation is today’s dominant institution. Based on Bakan’s book The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, the film is a timely, critical inquiry that reveals the corporation’s inner workings, curious history and possible futures featuring interviews with Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore and Howard Zinn.
So April 17th, Noon, Schauburg 2


Dancing Bear Park
Eldora Traykova, BG 2004, 52’, Documentary
Until recently, Bulgaria was the last country in Europe where dancing bears could be spotted in the streets. But under pressure from ecology and animal welfare organizations, this practice was banned. With the generous financial help of western foundations, a large and sophisticated “Dancing Bear Park” was built near the small mountain town of Belitsa. But while people from the neighbourhood suffer from poverty the bears live a luxurious life.


The Day after Yesterday
Claire Walka, D 2004, 2’, Short Film
What is there to do if you get up in the morning and find you don’t even want a cup of coffee or breakfast? Watch TV, that’s what!
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Dear Frankie
Shona Auerbach, GB 2004, 105’, Feature Film Competition
Nine-year-old Frankie, his mother Lizzy and grandmother uproot constantly, changing addresses in Glasgow, Scotland, to maintain a safe distance from Lizzie’s abusive ex-husband. To satisfy the curiosity of her hearing-impaired son, Lizzie has concocted a more palatable identity for the boy’s father as a crewman on a cargo ship sailing the globe. The deception becomes difficult to maintain when the ship from Lizzie’s fabricated account docks in the local harbour
Di April 12th, 8.00 pm, CineStar


Signe Baumane, USA 2004, 10’, Animation
A fearful patient with pain and an enthusiastic dentist with dental tools join in an interesting situation where it’s only the two of them – plus a strange picture on the wall that scares the patient even more
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Sarah Taylor, Kenya/GB 2003, 9’, Documentary
Douglas, a young Kenyan, is a self-made man attempting as best he can to live the American Dream in his home village. Enthusiastically he runs a home video cinema called Studio America but only showing American action movies. When the besuited Douglas walks down his village main street, it is as though he merges with his heroes from the Hollywood films.
Sa April 16th, 11.00 am, DKH


Durch Schaden wird man klug
D 1926, 2’, Advertisement
You too can benefit from the advantages of a modern bank account. So that one day your money doesn’t blow out the window.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Echte Frauen haben KurveN
(Real Women have Curves)

Patricia Cardoso, USA 2002, 86’, Youth Programme
When Anna, a young and a little over weighted girl from L.A. gets a scholarship for a college in New York, her bossy mother, who still sticks to Mexican traditions, is anything but enthusiastic.
Mo April 11th, 9.00 am, CineStar


Einmal wird alles vergessen sein
A. Ullmann, D 1943, 3’, Advertisement
In the bleak winter of war year 1943, the local savings bank is advertising gift vouchers.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Die Eisbaderin
Alla Churikova, D 2003, 8’, Animation
A lonely homeless woman is rummaging about in rubbish bins for the remains of meals and other useful things. And then she discovers a pair of ice-skates which she immediately tests out on a frozen lake.
Fr April 15th, 3.00 pm, Schauburg 11


El Cielito
Maria Victoria Menis, RA 2004, 93’, Feature Film Competition
Felix – 22 years old, not a talkative person – gets a job on a farm in a village out in the Argentinian wilderness. After a further eruption of violence from his employer, his wife disappears without trace, and Felix flees to the big city with their little son. He continues to look after him, touchingly, but when money runs out and work is not available, Felix gets mixed up in a deadly business.
Sa April 16th, 4.00 pm, Schauburg 1


En Garde!
Ayse Polat, D 2004, 94’, Youth Programme
Alice is sixteen when her mother decides to put her in a Catholic home for girls. But she’s different to the raucous and defiant girls there – mainly because of her hypersensitive hearing through which she can sense her immediate environment more clearly than others but also perceive it as more threatening.
Do April 14th, 9.00 am, CineStar


Fahrt ins Blaue
Sibylle Stürmer, D 1997, 2’, Short Film
Other countries, other bank-notes. If you literally want to drive off into the blue, you'll need a lot of the blue ones.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Fatih – Kennt ihr meinen Namen?
Stefanie Landgraf, D 2002, 30’, Documentary, Youth Programme
Thirteen-year-old Fatih comes from a village in North Benin. At the truly tender age of nine, she was “given” by her eldest brother to a people-dealer who offered to place her in a family where she would earn a bit of money for doing some easy housework. The reality, of course, was the total opposite.
Mi April 13th, 11.00 am, CineStar


Fin de Siglo
Maike Höhne, D 1998, 15’, Experimental Film
A film essay on a fruitless attempt to shoot a documentary about prostitution in Cuba. As the film-maker got closer to her subject, to a social and moral evaluation of it and to ways of processing the topic on film, the ambivalence between the integrity and venality of her own emotional ties took a radical turn.
Fr April 15th, 15.30 Uhr, DKH


La Fidanzata
Petra Volpe, CH 2004, 11’, Short Feature Film
Lolo and Manuel have been living together for a year and intend to suitably celebrate their first anniversary. Manuel has thought up a very special surprise and dressed himself up – as Sophia Loren.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, CineStar


Flowers For Mum
Eva Maschke, D 2004, 4’, Short Feature Film
Luk is young, straight-arrow, rational. His diary and its to-do list guides him through the day. That visit at his mother’s is actually pretty high on his priority list – but there are all sorts of things to do first.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, CineStar


Claudia Richartz, D 1981, 10’, Short Film
The director’s try to turn her own and her former friends’ and colleagues’ desires into image and sounds.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, CineStar


Fräulein Else
Paul Czinner, D 1928, 90’, Silent Movie
Else (Elisabeth Bergner) enacts with the utmost expressivity the tense inner conflict within her character, a young girl full of the joys of life torn from her carefree existence by her father’s bankruptcy.
On the piano: Terry Truck
Fr April 15th, 8.00 pm, DKH


Glenn, the Great Runner
Anna Erlandsson, S 2004, 3’, Animation
Glenn, the great runner, is about to compete in a race. The question is: will he get the support he needs?
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Ngozi Onwurah, GB/Nigeria 2000, 30’, Short Feature Film
Kwame is an amazing basketball talent. For him a pair of American trainers would mean the door to a better life, shoes that he hasn’t got.
Fr April 15th, 11.00 am, DKH


Hartes Brot (Sticky Dough)
Nathalie Precillier, D 2000, 8’, Short Film
Ute has got a new job. But looses it after only two hours. Not that that means it is the end of the day at the bread factory.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Die Helfer und die Frauen
(The Peacekeepers and the Women)

Karin Jurschick, D 2003, 80’, Documentary
After the war in Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina, an alliance made up of the United Nations, the NATO-led peace troops SFOR and KFOR and other international aid organisations endeavoured to maintain democracy and human rights in the areas concerned. Karin Jurschick, however, shows the dark side to this assistance – the abuse of women’s human rights by the “peacekeepers” i.e. the trafficking with women which thrived after the relatively affluent troops moved in.
Sa April 16th, 1.30 pm, Schauburg 2


Hoi Maja
Claudia Lorenz, CH 2004, 12’, Short Feature Film
One day, in the hairdresser’s salon, there is an unexpected encounter between two elderly ladies. Maya recognises Charlotte who, for her part, recognises Maya. But, because the sudden “reunion” arouses painful memories, Maya denies knowing Charlotte.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Jessica Hausner, A 2004, 80’,
Feature Film Competition
The young Irene starts her new job as a receptionist at a remote mountain hotel in the Austrian Alps. She efficiently sets about doing her work but gradually the hotel employees begin to strike her as weird. She senses a mysterious threat which she just knows she cannot evade.
Mi April 13th, 6.00 pm, Schauburg 1


Ingen Benge – Ohne Geld
Lilly Jäckl, A 2003, 6’, Short Documentary
Portrait of a hitchhiker, philosopher, poet and drinker who has “settled” down in a southeast Styrian village in Austria. It’s all about looking at life, society, change and death from the perspective of a traveller without money.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Iron Jawed Angels
Katja von Garnier, USA 2004, 123’, Feature Film
A key chapter in U.S. history: the struggle of suffragists who fought for the passage of the 19th Amendment. Focusing on two defiant women, Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, the film shows how these activists broke from the mainstream women’s rights movement and created a more radical wing, daring to push the boundaries of political protest to secure women’s voting rights in 1920.
With Hillary Swank, who won the Oscar twice.
Sa April 16th, 9.00 pm, DKH
Su April 17th 12.00 am, Schauburg1


J’ai peur, j’ai mal, j’ai meurs
Julie Delpy, F 2004, 6’, Short Feature Film
Sandra is scared: she feels wretched. No doubt about it – she’s going to die in this ambulance. Bluelights flashing, they drive through Paris – and drive and drive – because the two paramedics can’t find the way to the hospital.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Maria Solrun Sigurdardottir, D 2003, 91’, Youth Programme
For Jargo was born in Saudi Arabia and, following the suicide of his father, sent to Berlin, Germany, where he now lives in a huge tower block estate. His forthright manner, though, soon wins him respect – mainly with Kamil, a Turkish petty criminal.
Do April 14th, 11.00 am, CineStar


Maria Ramos, NL 2003, 100’, Documentary
The film shows everyday episodes from the life of Brazilian justice. The scene: a criminal court in Rio de Janeiro where people such as the prosecutors, judges and lawyers who deliver the law on a daily basis meet the people who only come into contact with the legal system from time to time, namely, the petty criminals from the poverty-stricken districts of Rio.
Mi April 13th, 6.00 pm, DKH


Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas, LT 2001, 15’, Short Film
Employees of a Lithuanian bank render as a choir a karaoke performance of the Abba hit Money Money Money – a parody of the incorporation of the turbo-charged consumer-oriented value system introduced from the West into Eastern Europe in the 1990s.
Fr April 15th, 3.30 pm, DKH


Kelly and Her Sisters
Marilyn Gaunt, GB 2001, 50’, Documentary
Poverty, unemployment and zero prospects raw in Birmingham, UK. Kelly, her five sisters and her unemployed mother all live in a flat that is far too small, cold and damp in a dilapidated tower block. The father walked out on them some time ago and now says he’s going to come back. But he’s got neither money nor a job.
Mi April 14th, 8.00 pm, DKH


Der Ketchup Effekt (Hip Hip Hora!)
Teresa Fabik, S 2004, 91’, Youth Programme
"I'm not nervous" claims the 12-year-old Sofie on her first day at high school. Which is not quite true because she's got a crush on Mouse, a boy higher up the school. In the beginning he doesn't even notice Sofie and her friends Amanda and Emma.
Fr April 15th, 9.00 am, CineStar


Die Kinder des Geldes
(The Spoiled Children)

Daniella Marxer, Fl 2003, 58’, Documentary
The small principality of Liechtenstein has become one of the most important and famous banking centres in the world – but in the past it has been rocked by several financial scandals. In this documentary, bankers and tax officers as well as artists, intellectuals and young people are asked what they think about the power of money.
Fr April 15th, 6.00 pm, Reinoldi Kirche


Kleine Reise
Claire Walka, D 2003, 2’, Short Film
“Girl! Boy! Prince or knight! Look for the star in the clover field! Swing with the gulls into the new world! I know you’re allowed to”, says the good fairy in the (shopping) paradise.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Sylke Enders, D 2003, 94’, Youth Programme
Julia is 17, blond, tough and doesn’t like being told what to do. Her gang in Berlin-Wedding is firmly under her control and nobody would dream of challenging Kroko – as she’s known to one and all. When, after a visit to a disco, she steals a car, she is sentenced to 60 hours of community service to be carried in a flat-share for disabled people.
Di April 12th, 11.00 am, CineStar


Living a Beautiful Life
Corinna Schnitt, D 2003, 13’, Short Feature Film
A stylish mansion in an extremely desirable residential area of Los Angeles. An extremely good-looking man and an extremely good-looking woman take it turns to tell us about the extremely happy – indeed perfect – life they lead and that they have it all and that they are all that which others only dream of.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Lucky Draw
Jelena Jovcic, Serbien/Montenegro 2004, 22’, Short Documentary
In Serbia remaining at “sweet family home” in late twenties and early thirties is considered normal. This story has been told from the point of view of a girl, making things ever more complicated in a traditional society.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Marinella Setti, GB 2004, 6’, Short Feature Film
In opposite shop windows, two mannequins, Serge and Velma, flirt with each other. A new arrival, Bridget, usurps Velma in Serge’s affections. However, one closing-down sale and a department store later, is it all going to change again?
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Madame Jeanette
Paula van der Oest, NL 2004, 90’, Feature Film
Bibi lives with her husband Ted and three children in De Bijmer, the multicultural suburb of Amsterdam. Ted dreams of his Salsa band being the passport to fame but, thanks to illegal flea-market activities, lands instead in jail. What he misses most inside? Bibi’s legendary culinary skills! What to do? Consult the old fortune teller Madame Jeannette in their need.
So April 17th, 8.00 pm, Schauburg 2


Candida Scott Knight, GB 2004, 14’, Short Feature Film
It’s the story of the 11-year-old Ben who – despite lack of support from his drug-addict mother and despite permanent bullying at the hands of the older pupils and his mother’s pimp-cum-boyfriend – attempts to keep his life on the rails and to control his fears.
Mi April 13th, 8.00 pm, DKH


My Little Elephants
Selma Vilhunen, FIN 2002, 24’, Short Documentary
Maria Ivanova, a 55-year-old Russian farmer’s wife, gets up early every morning. She fixes breakfast for her husband and two grown-up sons, heats the house and tends their animals. She knows how to treat men and animals.
Sa April 16th, 6.00 pm, Schauburg 2


My Mother Likes Women
Ines Paris, Daniela Fejerman, E 2001, 96’, Feature Film
It’s Sofia’s birthday when she – whose three grown-up daughters have all left home – presents them with a genuine surprise. She is very much in love, having finally found someone whose company she can endlessly enjoy. Enter Eliska, a Czech pianist, and 20 years younger. Initially, the three very dissimilar daughters react as tolerantly and as liberally as they would expect of themselves.
So April 17th, 3.00 pm, Schauburg 1


New York City Girl (Smithereens)
Susan Seidelman, USA 1992, 90’, Feature Film
19-years-old Wren is desperately trying to break into downtown Manhattan music scene. But with no money and no talent, she bounces between the nice guy artist Paul who lives in his van and the arrogant musician Eric (punk icon Richard Hell) who lives off of anyone who will let him.
Fr April 15th, 3.00 pm, Schauburg 1


No Limits
Anja Perl, D 2004, 1’, Advertisement
Some people don’t have limits. But children do.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Keren Yedaya, IL/F 2004, 100’,
Feature Film Competition
The 17-year-old Or lives with her mother, Ruthie, in a small apartment in Tel Aviv. For about 20 years now, Ruthie has been earning her living on the streets – as a prostitute. Or, the perfect housekeeper, tries in vain to persuade her mother to stop selling her body. And she also does everything in her power not to go down the same road.
Mi April 13th, 9.00 pm, Schauburg 1


Der Pfennig muss es bringen
D 1923, 3’, Advertisement
Many pennies get on their way to becoming a fortune!
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Pick Six
Cathy Joritz, USA 1992, 1’, Advertisement
How to become a lottery millionaire in Texas in six easy steps.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Ineke Houtman, NL 2003, 95’, Youth Programme
Polleke’s life is chaotic: Her bevy is spoken for another girl, her own father is drug addicted and her mother has fallen in love with her teacher.
Mo April 11th, 9.00 am, CineStar
Fr April 15th, 1.30 pm, CineStar


The Remote Controller
Vicki Bennett, GB 2003, 9’, Experimental Film
A found footage work based on material from Rick Prelinger’s Online Film Archives. The notion of remote control becomes here the central metaphor for a kind of state and economic control that reasons away its relentless pursuit of technological progress by invoking the prospect of prosperity for all.
Fr April 15th, 3.30 pm, DKH


Nicole van Kilsdonk, NL 2003, 9’, Short Feature Film
Judith, her husband and their two children lead a nice and quiet life. Except: one day, on a family trip to the local furniture store, she meets her “dream man”.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Schnelles Glück
Petra Tschörtner, DDR 1988, 10’, Short Documentary
Fast horses, quick fortune. At Berlin Karlshorst Racecourse, we experience the stadium action close up – the motives, the emotions and the situations that make the betting scene. And bang in the middle of all this is pensioner Herta Rogau who has behind the betting counter for years and taken the bets.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Selbst Valentin macht mit
Karl-Heinz Wolf, D 1941, 3’, Advertisement
Karl Valentin has recognised the mood of the times. He too uses a savings book. But his secret trips to the savings bank have aroused his wife’s suspicions …
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Mary Ayubi, AFG 2004, 60’, Documentary
Mary is a young Afghan woman who wanted to become a doctor. She leapt at the chance to start medical school. But, after only one term, Mary leaves Kabul University after being discriminated as a woman. Following the collapse of her education, she resolves to become a journalist and to document the suppressed lives of Afghanistan’s women.
Succession to “Afghanistan Unveiled” (femme totale 2003)
Fr April 15th, 3.00 pm, Reinoldi Kirche


Liza Wong, Hong Kong 2003, 13’, Short Feature Film
An old man makes his living from selling skinned birds. But surviving in this business isn’t easy.
Fr April 15th, 1.30 pm, DKH


Cate Shortland, AUS 2004, 106’, Feature Film Competition
Sixteen-year-old Heidi lives together with her mother and the boyfriend in a grim little town in Australia. When Heidi attempts to seduce her mother’s bloke – and also gets caught red-handed – a hefty row breaks out and Heidi runs away. However, looking for new friends, affection and security, she drifts from one one-night stand to the next.
Winner of 13 Australian Film Awards.
Fr April 15th, 9.00 pm, Schauburg 1


Sophie Starlight
Robyn Hofmeyr, D 2003, 30’, Documentary, Youth Programme
Born in the former penal colony of Palm Island, Australia, Sophie Starlight Morgan was removed from parental custody when she was a baby. Her aunt adopted her and so Sophie came to Cherbourg near Brisbane. After several years, Sophie returns to Palm. Returns and departs again because she’s not allowed to stay.
Mi April 13th, 11.00 am, CineStar


The Star Eaters
Peggy Ahwesh, USA 2003, 24’, Experimental Film
Not-so-glamorous casinos in deserted off-season Atlanta form the background to this short film about women and gambling: the lure of the incalculable risk, the contradictory joy of defeat and excess.
Fr April 15th, 3.30 pm, DKH


Stadt als Beute (Berlin Stories)
Irene von Alberti, Esther Gronenborn, Miriam Dehne, D 2004, 93’, Feature Film Competition
It’s only two weeks to the premiere and absolutely nothing is working! Director René Pollesch and his ensemble are having a huge crisis. Newcomer
Marlon simply doesn’t grasp what the director wants from him. Lizzy wants to be naked on stage and OhBoy has not bothered to come to the rehearsal. Three episodes build the stories Between Life and the Stage – only connected by the play “Stadt als Beute” by René Pollesch.
Fr April 15th, 6.00 pm, Schauburg 1


Suburban Train
Mayram Yuspova, GUS 2003, 39’, Documentary
Russian trains, especially the suburban trains known as elektrikas, are more than a mere means of transport. The train is where people sleep, eat, talk and argue. A place to hold monologues or doze off. A place where destinies – and other commodities – are traded.
Sa April 16th, 3.30 pm, DKH


73 Suspect Words
Peggy Ahwesh, USA 2000, 4’, Experimental Film
A conceptual work based on the manifesto published by scientist and progress-critic Theodore Kaczynski – otherwise known as the “Unabomber” who in the 1990s was responsible for bombing several American institutes. Here Ahwesh uses a spellchecker to isolate central terms within the manifesto, terms which presented as pure text reveal their latent potential for violence.
Fr April 15th, 3.30 pm, DKH


Claudia Dworschak, A 2001, 4’, Short Film
Four women in swim suits and colourful bathing caps are sitting next to one another alongside the pool, happily training for the hitherto non-Olympic sport of synchronised knitting – at first on land and later in the water.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


The Take
Naomi Klein, Avi Lewis, RA/CDN 2003, 87’,
„Occupying – resisting – producing“ is the motto of Argentinian workers, who occupy their former factories and restart the production on their own account after the economic crisis in 2001. This direct action – The Take – on the part of factory workers actively demanding their right to democracy, work and dignity not only cranked up the globalisation debate but also turned it on its head.
So April 17th, 6.00 pm, DKH


Wonder Woman

Dara Birnbaum, USA 1978, 7’, Experimental Film
This video from Dara Birnbaum shows Wonder Woman’s hallmark moment of magical transformation – again and again. The repetition of that spectacular fireball effect in which a woman becomes the super heroine results in the figure being transfixed in the mechanism of her movements. And this, in turn, subverts the aura of pop icon.
Fr April 15th, 3.30 pm, DKH


The Time We Killed
Jennifer Reeves, USA 2004, 94’,
Experimental Feature Film
A woman withdraws into her New York apartment in order to live on in a kind of permanent inner monologue made up of speculation, memory and (day)dream: a conscious rejection of any communication and sociality. Nevertheless, her carefully constructed and defended borders to the outside world are repeatedly penetrated: by her neighbours’ conversations drifting through via the ventilation shaft or by the events of 11 September which, against her will, drives her out on to the street again.
Do April 14th, 8.00 pm, DKH


Tokyo Dream
Irit Sharvit, Merav Nahoum, IL 2004, 62’,
An intimate journey into the world of four young women working as hostesses in exclusive nightclubs in Japan. The search for adventure and easy money motivates but, at the same time, entraps, these “modern Geishas” in Tokyo’s nightlife.
Mi April 13th, 10.30 pm, DKH


Tragedia al Cinematographo
I 1913, 10’, Silent Movie
A jealous man called Antonio stalks his vivacious wife Clara to a cinema foyer where she talks to another man. Convinced that she and her presumed lover are “having a good time” inside the cinema, Antonio fights his way in.
So April 17th, 11.00 am, DKH


Madeleine Farley, GB/USA 2004, 82’, Documentary
The contradiction between rich and poor jars perhaps no more paradoxically than in the shopping malls and supermarkets. While some customers use trolleys in order to transport their provisions and luxury items, others use them to store all their worldly possessions.
Mi April 13th, 3.30 pm, Schauburg 1
So April 17th, 4.00 pm, DKH


Laurie Kahn-Leavitt, USA 2003, 62’, Documentary
The kitchen as a basement: In the 1950s, American women discovered they could earn thousands – even millions – of dollars from bowls that burped. The film includes rare footage collected from basements, attics and back rooms: colour home movies taken by Tupperware Ladies and Jubilee footage shot by Tupperware Home Parties, as well as ads and television excerpts from the period.
Do April 14th, 3.30 pm, DKH
Sa April 17th, 11.00 am, DKH


Untersuchung an Mädeln
Peter Payer, A 1999, 90’, Feature Film starring: Anna Thalbach
Set in a small claustrophobic Catholic town in the Austrian region of Burgenland, this is a bizarre mixture of courtroom drama, provincial farce and detective story located between the chip shop, the pub and guys like cattle dealer Josef Trummer who is murdered afterhaivng given a lift to two young girls, Stella Blumauer and Esmeralda Nemetz, and sexually abusing them.
Fr April 15th, 8.00 pm, Schauburg 2
Followed by talk with Anna Thalbach


Die Vogelhochzeit
Kurt Stordel, D 1944, 3’, Advertisement
Even the little birdies in the wood make sure that, before winter sets in, they get their savings to safety on time. Fiderallala …
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Andrea Arnold, GB 2003, 23’, Short Feature Film
Zoe is the far-too-young lone parent of four children. Indeed, her easy-going manner with the three girls makes her look like an older sister. So, when she wants to go out and treat herself, she leaves the responsibility for the baby with the two oldest offspring.
(Oscar 2005)
Fr April 15th, 1.30 pm, DKH


Emre Tuncer, A 2004, 8’, Experimental Film
A woman is performing her daily ritual: eating money. You can observe the deformation. Money is not digestible. It can be eaten again and again. Greed as an answer to emptiness.
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH


Who Do You Think You Are?
Mary Filippo, USA 1987, 10’, Experimental Film
A short film about nicotine addiction as a form of pleasurable self-sacrifice: “I’ve used cigarette smoking and the ‘heroes’ presented in cigarette commercials to suggest that advertising has transformed my desire to act heroically into cigarette consumption”, says Mary Filippo.
Fr April 15th, 3.30 pm, DKH


Wonderful World
Coco Schrijber, NL 2004, 46’, Documentary
A city without homeless people is not really a city. Filthy bums, irritating bawlers, dishevelled characters; they enrich our existence in a way we don’t really the edge of oblivion. The film immerses into the heads of people who have fallen out of our welfare state.
Sa April 16th, 3.30 pm, DKH


When Mother Comes Home for Christmas
Nilita Vachani, D/GR 1996, 109’, Documentary
“In recent years, overwhelming numbers of women from poor countries like the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia and Mexico are saved from poverty at home by working as housemaids and nannies abroad. This has created a situation rife with complex irony. The more privileged amongst us can afford to hire a ‘third-world’ woman to care for the children and run the house. But who is there to take care of these women’s children?” (Nilita Vachani)
The film accompanies Josephine who nurses the child of an greek family and meets her own family only after 8 years.
So April 17th, 1.30 pm, DKH


Wilhelm der Schäfer
(Wilhelm, the Shepard)

Josie Rücker, D 2004, 27’, Documentary
A short film about the transience of time and the disappearance of a life-world. By which we mean the demise of sheep-breeding which, after the fall of the Iron Curtain, destroyed the livelihoods of East German shepherds. Wilhelm der Schäfer (= “the shepherd”) remembers and the film remembers Wilhelm.
Do April 14th, 6.00 pm, DKH


Y not?
Gauri Shinde, IND 2004, 2’, Advertisement
Who says that we don’t celebrate the birth of a girl child in our country?
Fr April 15th, 10.00 pm, DKH