European Coordination of Film Festivals


The ECFF is a grouping of more than 180 European Film Festivals, who are committed to respecting the organisation conditions and the projection of works defined by the Code of Ethics adopted in 1996, when the grouping was founded as an official "European Economic Interest Grouping” (EEIG). The ECFF is a resource for its members and for organisations with an interest in audio-visual festivals.

European Coordination of
Film Festivals
64 rue Philippe le Bon
B-1000 Brussels
fon: +32 2 2801376
fax: +32 2 2309141
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Working Groups
It depends on the engagement and special interest of members, which projects would be developed by working groups. For example: In 1997, the Working Group "Women and Film in Europe” was initiated by femme totale. The Working Group created the web site and the database f_films: female filmworkers in europe which is a successful cooperation between the Working Group and the Deutsches Filminstitut - DIF (Frankfurt, Germany).
Research and Conferences:
The Cultural and Socio-economic Impact of Film Festivals, The Sponsorship of Film Festivals and The Access to the European Film Heritage have been the topic of recent conferences and specially commissioned research.

Training and Staff Mobility
The exchange of skills and knowledge is positively encouraged through the Staff Exchange Scheme and the organisation of meetings and workshops at member’s festivals.

Information and Communication
Eurofilmfest, the fully illustrated quarterly magazine of the Coordination, is an invaluable source of information and ideas., the web site of the Coordination presents up to date information about its activities and projects. The on-line database of film festivals is the most comprehensive source of information about festivals in Europe.